Recognize Normal Heart Rate When Exercising

Heart rate can be an indicator that someone is doing too strenuous physical activity. Normal heart rate when exercising needs to be recognized, so as not to overdo the activity. Excessive things are certainly not good, neither is sports. Even though exercise is beneficial to health, if it is done excessively then you can feel pain when doing movement, the risk of injury, shortness of breath and heart rate exceeds normal limits. The faster heart rate during exercise is the body's natural response to provide enough oxygen by increasing blood flow and increasing breathing. Guidelines for Normal Heart Rate when Sports When exercising, you should still pay attention to your heart rate. Below is a guide to heart rate by age. The upper limit is used to target heart rate for each activity or sport with high intensity. While the lower limit is the target heart rate for each sport or activity with moderate intensity. The following explanation: Ages 40 - 45 years: 85 to 150 beats per
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